Want the secret to getting more clients and making more sales?

Supercharge Your Sales with a Magnificent ‘Stack of Ps’

A game-changing workshop to make your offers irresistible and finally make your marketing work.

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Tell me how much of this sounds familiar. Maybe you’re …

Already great at what you do, and ready to crack the code on how to make your marketing actually create consistent sales.

Still trading time for money, or writing bespoke proposals for every single prospect you speak to.

Struggling to express what you can really do for people and why your dreamiest clients should buy from you… errrrm, now.

Stuck in the ‘idea’ stage, because you’re not totally sure how to make those ideas a reality that actually sells.



Wondering how to stand our in a sea of other people who seem to be doing exactly the same thing as you (just not as as well… clearly).

Throwing marketing like spaghetti, hoping if you keep at it, at some point, something will stick.

Ready for something new.

I feel your frustration.

But there’s something I want you to know.

It’s. Not. You.

You see, here’s the thing…

When most people launch a business, or program, or new idea, they leap straight from the concept stage to ‘getting themselves out there’.

Without putting proper foundations in place.

(Do not pass GO, do not collect £200)

Now, those skipped foundations are common knowledge to everyone in the marketing world, but it’s possible that nobody thought to tell you about them.

And that doesn’t seem fair. So, let me fill you in:

I know this won’t sound sexy, but if you want the sexy stuff (like podcasts and websites and email marketing) to work, you need to fine tune what I lovingly call your ‘stack of Ps’.

So, what even is a stack of Ps?

Well, first of all, you should know that this isn’t exactly a marketing term… it’s really a Sheila term.

Coined because, most obviously, most of the ingredients start with a P, and also because depending on who you talk to or which book you read, there may be 3, 7 or 4 essential Ps… but I don’t want to waste your time debating that.

You’ll already have heard of some of them. They include:

Your positioning, the people you most want to serve, the problems you solve, the promise your messaging makes, the personality of your brand, your process, your product (for you, that’s how you package your services up).

Oh! and pricing. The mother of all Ps. As if we could forget.

Think about it…

If you (and your dreamiest clients) were crystal clear about all those Ps without even having to think about it, would you make more sales than you’re doing at the moment?

Of course you would.

Once you have your “Ps” dialled in, you’ll find yourself making more effortless sales from every single endeavour without really changing anything else – and that means you’ll get more results from doing less.  #businessgoals

But even now that you know all that…

Well, it’s hard to cut your own hair, isn’t it?

That’s why I created this workshop.

Supercharge Your Sales (with a big stack of Ps) is a month-long LIVE online workshop happening this November. It’s for women who want to attract more of their dreamiest clients and make more effortless sales, not by doing more things, but by getting crystal clear on their offers and strengthening their foundations.

We’ll work together to position, package and price your work so that it looks and feels exactly the way you want it to.

Sound good to you?

Bookings are now closed

This LIVE workshop is starting really soon, so I’ll ask you this,
… where would you like be when we come to the end of the year?

Your marketing actually resulting in sales (whether it’s networking, social media or a good old fashioned web page).

Seen as the go-to person for your services, with clients super-clear that you’re the person for them.

Comfortably and confidently charging what you know your work is really worth.

It’s all possible with a really solid stack of Ps, and in the Supercharge Your Sales Workshop, that’s what you’ll create.

You’re going to learn:

Positioning with Purpose

Unlock the two distinct and important purposes of each offer in your business and see how they come together to position you as a brand people can’t wait to work with.

people + the psychology of sales

Overcome the eternal struggle to sell what you do by speaking right to the heart of your people while also checking the boxes in their head (even if you’re niche-averse 😉


Package your services into a cascade of irresistible offers that practically sell themselves. This is one of the keys to conversion and you’re going to be ready to do it in your sleep.


With all the crucial components in place, we’ll anchor in your pricing and calculate the just right numbers for you, so you can confidently charge what you know your work is truly worth.

And that’s just the workshop part.

There’s more!

I know!! What??

On top of these 4 essential classes, you’ll also get access to an Aladdin’s cave of extras, including…

The W.I.I.(FM) Messaging Method to speak straight to the hearts of your clients, so they feel like you’re inside their head.

“The Well of Opportunity” – to find your first (or next) five clients, fast.

Recordings of all live sessions.

Access to four LIVE group coaching sessions with me. That means my personal help putting this into your beautiful business.

Fillable worksheets and calculators to guide you step by step through the creation process and save you valuable time.

BONUS: Get your questions answered. Access to the exclusive pop-up Facebook group for on-demand support.

BONUS: Monthly Sales + Marketing Map. A one-page dashboard to keep the stack of Ps top of mind as you map your monthly marketing and sales.

Here’s how to get started…

We know that with the right irresistible offers (perfectly positioned, packaged and priced) you can easily attract more of the clients you’d most love to work with and significantly boost  your sales.

While most people are struggling to make their marketing work, you’ll be getting results, just by taking the time to set yourself up for success.

And right now you can get this entire workshop for a single payment of £299.
Or 3 payments of £133, if that’s an easier yes.









Bookings for this course are now closed


When does the workshop start?

We begin on Monday 1st November, and will build your stack of Ps together bit by bit, throughout the month. Be sure to book soon though – doors close at 7pm on Sunday 31st October.

When are the live calls?

There will be a live class every Monday in November, from 1.30pm to 3pm (inclulding time for questions and discussion).

There will also be Q&A coaching calls acheduled throughout the month, so we can talk through any sticking points and keep you moving forward.

If I miss a session, with there be a recording?


Both the classes, and the Q&A calls will be recorded so that you can listen back for extra nuggets or catch up on calls you couldn’t make.

Is this right for me?

The workshop is for women who own a service-based business, and want to get more clarity on their business offers and marketing foundations, so they can attract more of the clients they really want to work with and more consistent, effortless sales.

Will I be left to do it all on my own?

No way. Not unless that’s what you want.

The month-long workshop is run live so that you get tons of support in working on your stack of Ps. You’ll have access to me and the other students for concept checks in our private FB group and I’ll be with you every step of the day

Can I join the workshop later or another time?

The Supercharge Your Sales (with a big stack of Ps) workshop will definitely be available again at a future date, although no date is currently set, and the price may not be the same.

So, who is this workshop for?

Although a skilfully crafted stack of Ps will move the needle for any service-based business, this workshop is not necessarily right for everybody. Above all, this is for women who know deep down that having crystal clear, irresistible offers with pricing and messaging that’s perfectly placed is critical to growing a business and making effortless sales.

Those who will get the best results are:


If you’re not sure that people always ‘get’ the value of working with you, hold your breath when you say your fees, spend hours on end creating bespoke offers for every single inquiry, or have packages that are lists of features and hours, this is the course that will set you free. The Ps will bring you confidence and clarity.


Want to get your new business (or program) off to a brilliant start? The ‘stack of P’ foundations will shortcut your journey and save you endless hours of second guessing your choices.

Get simple and super-certain. Right from the very start.


As your business evolves and grows, revisiting your positioning and pricing for a regular tune up ensures a better return for your marketing (and energy) investment and keeps everything feeling fresh.

Keep growing it the way you want it. Don’t let things start to stagnate!

I can’t wait to what impact the stack of Ps will have for you!

Bookings are now closed

Have we met? I’m Sheila.

And if you’re a one-woman-band business looking for a way off the income roller coaster and over the ‘inconsistency hump’ then you are in exactly the right place.

As well as getting my own business over that hump, I’ve been lucky enough to work with hundreds of women just like you to find the missing keys to their business success. And I can tell you that you’re not alone if you’re struggling to make consistent sales.

Because we’re not just selling microwaves, right? It can feel like you’re out there selling you… and really, that’s gnarly at best.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be utterly soul-wrenching, and you don’t have to do it alone.

You can change the game with a couple of crucial steps…

Are they simple? Yes.

Are they easy? Well, the good news is, I’ve done the hard part for you 😉

All you need to do now is to book your place.

Ready for astonishing clarity about why people do or don’t buy from you?

Ready for ideal clients to say an easier yes?

Ready for sales to feel more effortless?

Ready to charge what you know what your work is truly worth?

Ready to help way more people and make way more money?

No more overthinking it. Let’s just get it done.

Because Supercharge Your Sales (with a big stack of Ps) doesn’t cost anything like the kind of returns you’ll see.

Bookings are now closed

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