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let’s make the business you want

the one you actually have

Brilliance Rising


Where are you with your business right now?

Trying to do all the things, all at once, all on your own?

Not really sure of your next best steps?

it’s time to create the success

you desire and deserve

And you know it’s all there for you.

Because you’re brimming with ideas!

And you’re rapidly going from good to great at what you do.

Now, if you just figure out where to add the rocket fuel…

…I want to show you how.

Because with all you’ve done to come this far, and the value you know you have to offer, there are some things you deserve to have…

You deserve to be thriving, with that beautiful business always evolving and reaching new levels of success.

You deserve the kind of goals, vision and accomplishments you didn’t even know could be part of your thinking.

You deserve to make great money, doing what you love, so you can finance the life that you’re longing to lead.

Ready to raise your game?

Brilliance Rising is perfect for you if…

You’re a coach, creative, consultant or service-based entrepreneur.

You’ve you’ve already had some success and made some sales.

Now you’re looking to create it consistently, with £5k – £10k months and beyond.

And I know.. that it’s not the money that drives you. If you’re totally honest though, you’d like to be making more of it. Because money gives you choices, and choices means more freedom, and freedom is what we love.

Sound about right?

So let me ask you:
Up until now, what’s been holding you back?

(Here are 5 mistakes you might recognise.)

You’re wasting time.

On decisions you’re not sure about, on courses you probably don’t need to take. All the while, the things that will actually make a difference are going unattended… maybe even unnoticed. 

Your time is precious. Let’s find your right focus, so you can invest it wisely.
You’re letting yourself off the hook.

Your proudest moments and biggest accomplishments will usually come from outside your comfort zone. You may already know what you need to do, but when you’re in it alone, it’s just too easy not to follow through.

It’s time to break through the blocks that are holding you back and start showing up in a whole new way.
You’re getting stuck in the ‘how’.

And honestly, probably making things waaaaaaay harder than they need to be, because the ‘how’ is the part that’s most easily figuroutable. And the good news is that in joining this group, you become deeply, richly resourced.

No need to spend another day down a googley YouTube rabbit hole.
You’re doing it all alone.

As a solopreneur you start getting far too used to wearing all the hats and forget what it’s like for a team to totally have your back.

I know you’re the kind of woman who loves to support everyone around you. Being supported back is about to become your superpower.
You’re settling for ‘fine’.

The truth is that most of us only really take action when there’s a problem. But you don’t have a problem.

You have a business that’s ‘fine’.


What do you say… are you ready for something new?

You probably have some idea of what you’d really love to create, but it’s foggy around the edges with loose ends everywhere, and you’re not sure how to get there or really where to start.

You do know you need to be more strategic and intentional with your business growth, so you can continue to strengthen and scale without burning yourself out.

You know you need structure, a plan and someone to give you a (loving) kick in the pants.

So, you’re looking for a mentor who’s equal parts coach and consultant, who can help you find CLARITY on what you want and how to get there (as well as the milestones along the way), CONFIDENCE that you can make it happen, and CONSISTENCY as you put your plan into action.

So, I double-dog dare you…

Be just a little audacious

Because ‘enough’ doesn’t even begin to cover what’s available to you.

Because you can change more lives, have more impact and make more change.

Because a thriving (and profitable) business is closer than you think.

Trust me… you’ve got this.

It’s time to think bigger and go all in.

Deep down you probably already know that getting some support in your business is going to be critical to your success – it is for everyone – especially when you’re a one-woman band!

But maybe you haven’t been sure how to find the right support.

And believe me, I know how many choices are out there. I’ve tried most of them at one time or another. I’ve had private coaches, taken about thirty bajillion online courses and deep dived into DIY learning. Each has had its own kind of value.

And now I’m giving you access to my knowledge and expertise.

there’s a magic that happens

when women come together

in pursuit of their dreams

In the early days of my business, I took a spot as a new and nervous member of my very first mastermind group.

I showed up for myself at a whole new level and in a whole new way.

Soon I began to see myself through the eyes of the women around me, and I grew further and faster than I’d ever thought possible… buoyed by the belief of about a dozen women in a little London room.

Now I’m bringing you that exact brand of magic, combined with the power of coaching and a good dose of business expertise. 

Sound like what you’re looking for?


The program for business success

Brilliance Rising


The tailored, aligned kind. A clear, focused plan will create real results in your business without you burning out or losing your mind…. let’s get you one.


Confidently make the choices that match your brilliance and will get you success – stop wasting time trying to be like everyone else and learn to market and grow like YOU.


So you can ditch the excuses, fill up the tank with self-belief and really start playing a bigger, bolder game.


Connect with like-minded women who ‘get’ both the struggles and the wins. See the fullest potential of what you do, through the eyes of the women around you.


Everything you need to make quick, clear decisions and stay in consistent action, successfully growing your business the way you want it.


You’re going to love this program, and, much more importantly, increase your income and impact, because ultimately in business, that’s the name of the game.

Get what you need every step of the way.

Rest assured, this is not another online course to be bought and forgotten. This is a high-touch, interactive program, built on coaching and collaboration.

This is a time to be fully in your business, with the program wrapping around your work, and not the other way round.

Throughout our 12 months together, you’ll work closely with me and your fellow masterminders to make massive progress towards your goals.

There is no cookie cutter content. There is no silver bullet. I do not have a magic wand. And that’s ok, because you don’t need one. You already have the brilliance. Now let’s unlock it.

So, how does it actually work?

(I’m glad you asked)

  1. I’ll help you find the right focus to get growth and you’ll have a 90-day plan.
  2. We’ll set you up with the  know-how, support and accountability  you need to put that plan into action.
  3. We look at what worked, what didnt’, celebrate the results and take a rest.

And then we do it again.

Your path is made up of these stepping stones to success…

structure + a plan

(3 seasonal planning cycles throughout the year)

Use my simple, step-by-step assessment to see exactly what to focus on next. Set your goals, set your milestones and map your route.

A proven process, with personal input from me for a clear, doable action plan, and simple, overwhelm-free steps. You’ll know exactly what to focus on next. Then I’ll help you put into practice.

group coaching calls

(every other week)

Stay on track and accelerate your success with regular meetings in your pods. Meet with me and your pod of up to eight members every other week to get your mindset, strategy and marketing questions answered for the weeks ahead. You’ll fill up on inspiration and grow increasingly confident to know exactly what you’re doing and why.

workshops + classes

(24/7 always there)

There’s no set training curriculum, because this is not a course. Instead, take your choice of classes from the catalogue in the vault.

access to the mastermind

(24/7 always there)

Our private Facebook community serves as an on-demand mastermind with me and your fellow members. Accountability threads, session reminders and message-based feedback will keep you moving forward and ensure you never get stuck.

Now is the time to book your place.

Brilliance Rising

Are you ready to elevate your business success?

Places are limited.

Here’s what happens next…

Your first step is to click here and complete your application form. Take your time. Tell me about your business and what you want to achieve. 

If you’re a great fit for the program, we’ll talk schedules and start dates… your chance to ask any lingering questions before we hit ‘go’.

If you’re right for the program, and decide you’d like to enrol, we’ll go right ahead and get your place booked.

hello! Im Sheila,

And I’m here to let you know…

You have everything is takes to build a wildly successful business that rewards you in aaaalll the right ways.

We just need to take some chaos off your plate, so you can focus on what matters and stop wasting time on #allthethings.

We need to pinpoint what’s really going to move the needle and get you where you want to be.

We need to make you roadmap and get you richly resourced with everything you need.

And the good news is, that’s what I do best.

Let’s work together!

If you’re not sure whether we’ll get along,
here are 6 simple checks to know if we’re a match.

You want a successful business, but not at the expense of a balanced, fulfilling life. Hustling harder is not the solution you’re looking for.

You’re aware you’re not reeeaaallly going all in right now, but you’re not sure how to make that change.

You’ve got the enthusiasm… what you need from me is clarity, focus, strategy, (kind but firm) accountability and the occasional pom-pom-waving confidence boost.

You know mindset isn’t enough on its own and you’re willing to do the work, if someone will just point you in the right direction.

You truly want to do good work in the world. And to surround yourself with other women who feel the same.

You believe in collaboration over competition and can’t wait to share ideas with the other women in this group, be motivated by their success and help them celebrate the wins.

You already have some clients and some money coming into your business. Now it’s time to fine-tune your offerings, add rocket fuel and maaaaaybe dip at least one toe into new and exciting things.

You’re as excited as I am about the chance for us to work together LIVE.

Did you score 4 or more?
See? It was meant to be!

Still have questions? Check here for answers

Is this just for women?

Yes. This is a program exclusively for female business owners.

When are the live calls?

There are calls taking place throughout the week, with new pods being set up as our numbers grow. Once you send in your application, we’ll talk schedules and availability.

And of course, if you can’t make a call live, you’ll be able to submit your questions and get access to the recording instead.

What's the time commitment?

This program is very different from a course, in that it’s designed to wrap around your business, and shape the way you spend the ‘on your business’ and ‘in your business’ time in your usual working week.

So, the only extra time you’ll need to put aside is for attending the live sessions, or to listen to the recordings if you can’t make it on the day.

There’s no set curriculum or compulsory study time and you cannot fall behind.

I haven't launched my business yet... can I apply?

Briliance Rising is a growth program that focuses on creating consistent, sustainable income and systems to support it.

That means you’ll need to have at least one clear service offer in place and know that it sells (because it’s already sold) to really get the value from the group.

If you’re not quite there yet, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can fill that gap so you can join us and get your business moving.

Is there any 1:1 coaching included?

The program is built around the power of the group. We learn so much from other people’s questions you’ll see why that’s a plus point very quickly!

Although there is no private coaching included, there is plenty of individual coaching and support…

I personally read and reply to every post in the group and answer every question on our calls. Whether you’re setting your prices, writing emails or making marketing plans, I’ll be right there to help you, all within the container of the group.

If you do want private coaching time with me, on application, you’ll have an option to add a private coaching bundle.

This is a great way to accelerate your progress, adding a monthly 1:1 session with me, initially for your first 4 months. It’s subject to availability – if you know you want this, then do book your place soon!

How many people are in Brilliance Rising?

This is designed to be a super personal program with a limited number of seats. Small group coaching calls with pods of up to 10 women mean we’re going to work closely together on growing your business.

How do I access the group calls?

All group calls take place on Zoom, so you can access the calls from your computer, or by downloading their app to your phone.

You’ll receive a link by email and from there, all you need is an internet connection.

Spotlight Training Sessions take place inside our private Facebook group.

Aaaaand if you’re still chewing this over, let me leave you
with a couple of important thoughts…

If you’re too busy responding to your business to really intentionally shape and drive your business, you need to join this mastermind.

If you wish you could be implementing consistently… and maaay need a (loving) kick in the pants, you need to join this mastermind.

If you have this one big, glorious idea (or like, twenty) but it seems mountainous and you’re not sure where to start, it’s the perfect time to join this mastermind

If you’re jumping around all over the place, looking for the thing that will work. You have courses coming out of your ears and you’re still not sure what to focus on, you need to join this mastermind.

The only remaining question is, one year from now, where do you want to be? Right here, or light years ahead?

Places are limited – don’t let someone take yours!

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