It’s time to stop flying by the seat of your business pants.

the Purposeful Planning Workshop

A 5-step goal-setting system for deeper intention and bigger results in the year ahead.

Dear heart-centered business owner,

Let’s just admit it – this year has been tough!

But I see the brilliance you have to bring to the world and I’m gearing up to help you create, extraordinary success in the year ahead.

Because this is the perfect time to take stock and learn to make not just the money, but also the moments count.

And that all starts with crystal clear, soul-aligned goals.

Here’s how this simple, 5-step course will help you

grow your business

IN 2021

Discover what you really want to create this year

That’s right, no more random-number or vague “just more” goals for you! Let’s pinpoint where you actually want to be.

Create your soul-aligned goals

Not the ones your head or your ego want… the ones that your heart wants. The ones that light you up all the way on the inside,

Overcome your goal-phobia

Because we know by now, in a research-driven, fact-infused kind of a way, that goals drive success. So let’s get you into the game. 

Start 2021 a super focused, super motivated superstar

Because you know that when you’re all in the path unfolds at your feet. Let’s light that sparkle up!

Understand exactly how to use your goals for growth

Goals are amazing, but they are not a magic wand. You’ll also need to know how to use them so they can be a force for good.

Align your priorities: your business and your life

As incredible as you are as a wearer of #allthehats, honestly life gets easier when everything just points in the same direction… so let’s get you some of that.

and I know you might be thinking…


… but Sheila, goals have never worked for me, so I just keep an idea of what I want to do in the back of my head.


… but Sheila, if I set goals and then I don’t reach them, I’ll feel like I’m letting myself down.


… but Sheila, when I even think about setting goals, I already feel anxious and totally stressed out.

BUT, you don’t need to worry about that, because here’s what’s going to happen instead…

Purposeful Planning

soul-filled business goals


So, who is this right for?


Oooooh, goodness I’m so glad you found me first!!

This is your chance to be light-years ahead of all the other new starters who are doing it the hard way or totally missing a trick. Your shortcut – you’re welcome.


What if powerhouse goals could feel good, all the way down in your bones, sky-rocket your motivation and intentionally drive your business growth?

It’s not just possible, it’s actually happening and it’s all right here in 5 simple steps.


You, my kindred spirits, already love to goal-set and number-track and are ready for new depths and dimensions to what you already do.

Let’s focus on getting your passions and purpose back on the agenda!

If you…

💰   want to grow your business and make consistently amazing money, doing what you love… 🎯   need to get focused and get moving in the right direction now… 💡  have tons of ideas, and are also wearing tons of different hats…. 💤  have already tried (and probably already discarded) the boring, traditional goal-setting systems where you pluck a big impressive (random) number from your (ahem) *sleeve*…

I whole-heartedly invite you to join us and discover how (surprisingly) good goal-setting and planning can get.

and on the flip side…

If you’re looking for a hard-nosed number-crunching money-driven spreadsheet fest, then heads up! This workshop is guaranteed to be a total disappointment.

What is inside Purposeful Planning?

5 days | 5 bite-sized steps

Each day, complete an easy-to-follow video tutorial, introducing your next step. (Or work through them in a planning marathon if that’s more your thing!)

No fuss, no stress, just clear, simple steps.

Let’s take a peek… here’s what you’ll learn:

How to set meaningful money goals for the year ahead

Ultimately, since it is a business, you’ll set some n real, measurable growth goals for the year ahead. But instead of latching on to totally arbitrary numbers, they’ll be meaningful money goals that align your heart and head.

How to FOCUS your sales and marketing throughout the year

Selling all the different things at once, all year round is an uphill struggle. So what if you could focus on just what’s going to make the biggest difference? Put all of your attention and energy into the one right thing at the just right time? Sounds good, right?

How set goals that actually motivate and excite you

Discover why traditional goal-setting systems don’t work, and then join me in flipping the script. Step one is to get clear on how you actually want to feel this year, when you sit down at your desk, work on your marketing, connect with clients and close a new sale.

How to plan and predict your business income for the year

Yup – you can do that! And I’m going to show you how. Check for any mismatch between your business model and  your goals so you can plan and predict your income for the year ahead.

How to decide what to keep and what to ditch...

A little bit like Marie Kondo for your business… I’ll give you the key questions you need to reflect on what’s working and what’s not (aside from just the sales). Decisions on what to do more of and what to ditch have never felt easier!

How to connect the things you do to the goals you've set

You know what they say – a goal without a plan is just a wish, so I’ll show you how to craft a plan for the year, mapping out where all that lovely growth is actually going to come from, so you can implement the actions that will make it real.

Ta-da! Goals made up of the stuff of the soul.

Oh! and there’s more…

5 Daily Tutorial Videos

Digital Vision Board Template + Tutorial

The B.F.F. Goals Method

Guided audio exercise for mapping your year

Fillable worksheets

Sales Calculator + Forecasting Tutorial

hi, Im Sheila,

I hope you’ll think of me as your business-goal-setting fairy godmother (wand not included).

When I’m not making business dreams come true, you’ll find me in London, England. Working from home with my two little furballs, happily surrounded by 167 plants.

With a formal education and background in business development, combined with deep study of personal growth, yoga, coaching and pyschology, I bring an unusual mix of skills to the table.

The perfect combination for creating success stories that feel as good as they look.

Would you like to work with me?

Then let’s get your place booked right now, because I really don’t want you to start another new year without a clear, intentional, heart-felt plan.

Get started for a single payment of just £47

Still thinking?

Let me give you some As for your Qs…

will this be all spreadsheets, numbers + percentages?

This will be a soul-centred approach to business planning. You’ll use simple planning tools and have my support every step of the way. We will be setting goals that are numbers, but they’ll be meaningful numbers, and the calculators do the sums for you!

What if I'm too busy right now?

I hear you. All the hats, right?

And don’t worry.

Although this is designed to be completed over five day, you can go little by little, as fast or as slow as you want.

When can I start?

You can get started right now, today. Once you confirm your purchase, your access details will appear in your inbox. Simple!!

how do i join?

Click here to get access to  Purposeful Planning.

You’ll receive an email with all the details of what to do next!

This time next year I want you to be looking back from light years ahead.

Ready to start 2021 like you mean it?

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