Find Your Inner Wild Child: The Antidote to Adulting

by | Jun, 2018

Sometimes you’ve just gotta let your inner child go wild and have some frivolous fun to balance out everything that’s heavy and hard. Get messy, be utterly daft, dance like you’re three years old, finger paint, eat candy floss and get it stuck in your hair.


We put so much pressure on ourselves to behave well, to lace it all up tight and do the right thing, eat right, look good, keep the lawn mowed – and frankly all that pressure can be a little crazy making, don’t you think?

Eventually we’ve got to let off steam, and if we’re not paying attention, that will end up taking a destructive form… we end up self-sabotaging our usually good intentions, and then feeling bad for what we ate / drank / did. In fact, all we were doing was heeding a call from our inner wild child, dying to be heard, we just used a dysfunctional strategy to make it happen.

So here’s something super-cool: as conscious-living adults, we can make a choice to revise our strategy for getting that feeling of wild and free and unleashed, while still getting the experience we’re looking for.

“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”

How do I make it happen?

It’s not even voodoo… it’s totally practical magic. I recommend creating a menu of things that give you the feeling you’re inner wild child is craving… trust me. It’s super simple, and it could be one of the most useful tools you’ll ever give yourself. Take 5 minutes and write out a brain dump of things that lit you up as a kid, or could feel totally liberating now… the sky’s the limit… set you inner wild child free!

Whenever you find yourself on autopilot, choose something from your menu. Whether it’s trampolining, jumping in puddles, or just putting sprinkles on your ice-cream, I promise, incorporating this in your day will shift all kinds of funk.

And if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, you’re going to love the “Inner Wild Child” cheat sheet I use with my clients, including 10 of my favorite ways to find your inner wild child. Get it straight to your inbox and ready to roll.

I hope I’ll see you and your inner wild child soon 😉

with love,




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