The Ultimate Green Smoothie

by | May, 2018

There is nothing in this world that hits the spot for me like a good green smoothie. Whether I’m recovering from jetlag, a hangover, too much pizza, or just want to start the day energized and nourished, this is my go-to recipe full of leafy green goodness.

Go on. try it and tell me you don’t love it…

“Every single green drink you create is an investment in your quality of life – now and always” Kris Carr

This recipe makes 2 generous smoothies. If you can’t bare to share it, then pop half in a light-proof air-proof flask and keep it in the fridge for later.

STEP ONE: The Juicing

Gather your juicy ingredients.

🌱1 cucumber

🌱1 bunch of celery

🌱2 apples

🌱a thick slice of lemon

Put them all through a good juicer (here’s the one I have). Start and finish with apple for less mess.

STEP TWO: The Blending

Pour the juice you just made to a high-powered blender (here’s the one I have – it’s about half the price of a vitamix, but just as fabulous) and add the remaining ingredients:

🌱1 avocado

🌱a great big handful of spinach

🌱a scoop of pea protein (optional – I find this really helps fill me up)

and however much water makes it the perfect gulpable / spoonable /straw-suitable consistency for you.

While it’s blending, clean you juicer. Seriously. Get it done.

Pour, drink and enjoy!


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