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Get the clarity, confidence and know-how you need to make that beautiful business grow.

What if people really knew what you could do for them?

You know you’re rapidly growing from good to great.

You know you’re making a difference,
and you truly deeply love what you do.

But your business, your income, your impact aren’t quite at the level you truly desire and you’re itching to raise your game.

So, why does it feel so haaaaaard?

Well, let’s see…

You already know the things you should be doing. You don’t need more information on funnels or freebies or FB ads.

You’ve realised there’s no secret blueprint for creating the business and life of your dreams, and you’ve finally stopped signing up for them. ✨🙌✨

But why is it happening for everyone else and not for you? What are you missing? How do you get to the next level?

Where do you add the rocket fuel?

Because the thing is,


Your goals are truly not that crazy!

If you’re anything like me, you didn’t get into this thing in a bid for world domination and the birth of a global empire.

You wanted to make a difference.

You wanted to create an extraordinary life on your own terms, doing something you really love. A business that doesn’t just pay the bills, but that fills you up and feels like you, all the way to your bones.

And you’ve had a glimpse of success…

Magical moments when things came into alignment. With big pay days, clients who make your soul sing and a sense that you’re standing fully in your power and purpose.


When it all comes together if feels amazing!!


But that’s not happening consistently.

It’s up, it’s down, it’s frantic, you’re tired.

And although the money’s not what drives you, if you’re totally honest, you want to be making more of it. Because money gives you choices, and choices mean more freedom, and freedom is what we love.

So let’s just do a reality check.

Some simple, sure-fire signs… instead of moving the needle in your business, are you spending time like this?


Watching other people who have the success you want and trying to ‘crack their code’ so you too can attract your tribe and level your business up.


Counting beans… to make sure this month’s ends will meet.


Checking your posts on social (like, a lot) to see who liked them or maybe joined your list.


Saying yes to work that you maaaaaay not be that thrilled about, because turning it away seems like a scary place.


Worrying you’ll miss out if you increase your prices or narrow your niche… and that you’ll miss out if you don’t.


Secretly wondering whether, when all is said and done, you’ve really got what it takes.

Sounds fameiar?

Then you, my friend, are in the exact right place.


The truth is there are about a bajillion people out there all clamouring for attention, and you need to stand out.

You can throw as much money as you like into flyers, websites and social media campaigns. You can hustle harder, post more often and even dare to go live 😳.

If you’re not crystal clear on the value you offer, and how that aligns with your vision and your voice, you may as well just throw that time and money away. Nobody’s going to hear you.

I’m Sheila Bennett

and I’m here to FIX THAT


I’m a certified transformational coach, personal branding & business strategist. The bringer of life to the heart of your brand.

I have a formal background in business development and strategic management, and have been helping people unlock their potential for more than 20 years.

I’ve run my own passion-led business since I hung up my heels in 2012, and love nothing more than to share what I’ve learned.

Here’s what I want you to know…


I see you. And you are magnificent.

You have it in you to create something extraordinary.


And that business that you love, that you bravely launched into the world – your purpose, your calling, your gift – it’s something you do unlike anyone else who ever lived and it’s desperately needed. So let’s stop wasting time.

What would it be like if your dreamiest clients were knocking on your door, asking to work with you?

What if you had a business and brand that truly reflected what’s unique and extraordinary about you and literally shone like a lighthouse from every word you spoke?

What if you could feel confident, clear and empowered in what you’re truly here to do?

Wouldn’t it be nice if it all felt more ease-full? Like everything was more in flow?


Good. Then we’re on the same page.

My toolkit is filled with practical strategy, mixed with the stuff of the soul. A graceful way of becoming the woman you were always meant to be, with a business and brand to match. 

I’ve been exactly where you are right now, and I wallowed around in that spot for years before I finally found my way out. And now I want to show you how.

This 90-day program is uniquely tailored for you and your business,
drawing from three key pieces, to give what you most need.

We’ll find your magic, master your message
and make that beautiful business grow.


The Ultimate Clarity


Your purpose and message in business is right at the core of what sets you apart. You can probably already feel it; a sense of who you’re becoming. Of your own unique voice. But when it comes to bringing it to the surface and giving it words that others can hear, it’s soul-wrenching work, and a million times harder alone.

  • Get right to the heart of your business and unlock your personal brand of magic so you can consciously weave it through everything you do.

  • Discover what sets you apart from everyone else in your field, and attract your most loyal tribe.
  • Craft crystal clear, consistent messaging so your dreamiest clients can hear you and know you above the noise.
  • Map out the identity of your business, so it finally feels like it speaks from your soul.
  • Discover the people you’re here to serve.


Unshakable Confidence


Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. And now we need you to believe in yours. The biggest obstacle to your success is often the story in your head, and if you don’t already know it, you’ll discover that mindset is everything. 

  • Ditch the self-doubt and release the confident, capable women within.
  • Let go of your fear of success and create the confidence you need to get into big, bold, beautiful action and make your dreams a reality
  • Find faith in your business and your brand, so you can finally tell the world what you’re here for without making it smaller or skipping a beat.
  • Upgrade your money stories so you’re open to the wealth you desire.


Inspired Action for Soul-filled Success


Connected, aligned intention is the root of soulful success. And once you’re crystal clear on what you’re here to create, it’s consistent action and practical strategy that will finally make it real.

  • Refine your packages and price points to align with the true value of what you do and the impact you’re here to make.

  • Map out a simple, coherent strategy for taking your message out to the world. No overwhelm, no confusion, just an ever expending reach.
  • Align your day-to-day actions with your ultimate dreams and goals, so that each step makes an impact.
  • Focus your attention, so you can move the needle in your business without burning yourself out.


After each session, I was on a high for the rest of the day, with a satisfying feeling of accomplishment and
a huge amount of self confidence.

I’ve been almost evangelical in relaying to others just how much Sheila has enabled me to achieve in such a short time.

Nicola Withers, Copywriter


I can’t believe the difference working with Sheila has made to me personally and professionally. She has helped me clarify exactly where my passion lies.

I’m learning to be a great business person as well as a great therapist. I am confident that I’ll be seen as the ‘go-to’ person in my field.

Denise Searle, Clinical Hypnotherapist

It’s all here for you. In this program you’ll find everything you need to create the foundations of a successful, purposeful business and brand that feels like the very essence of you, all the way down in your bones.

Here’s what’s included


Comprehensive welcome pack to set your goals and intentions and focus our work together, right from the very start.

90 minute intensive (via Zoom) to get crystal clear on where you’re at right now, uncover what’s been holding you back, and map out your vision, your goals and what we’ll accomplish together.

11 coaching sessions (up to 60 mins via Zoom) to work through the program, receive support, encouragement, direction, clarity and sometimes a (loving) kick in the pants.

Unlimited email support between sessions for on-the-spot input on progress, new ideas, issues or set backs that might arise.

Audio recordings of all calls, so you can re-visit them any time.

Focused action steps that will move you toward your goals plus accountability and your personal cheerleading squad (that’s me 😉).

Resources and bonuses for success every step of the way, including handouts, workbooks, cheat sheets, meditations and more!



and here’s what’s been left out


Trying to DIY it and just getting DIY-level results.

Suffering from shiny object syndrome – the unstoppable urge to buy more courses that don’t move the needle and only result in more things to do.

Overwhelm and confusion about why you’re not getting the right clients, or making big money.

Settling for ‘mediocre’ and ‘good enough’. There’s more for you and you know it.

That feeling of dread when someone asks you So, what do you do?

Second-guessing everything, just wishing you could know it was right.

The constant nagging feeling you’re not quite good enough and yearning for something more.

Can you imagine…

Becoming the visionary leader of your own wildly successful business and brand. One that truly reflects the woman you know you’re meant to be.

Being noticed and known for what you do, so your dreamiest clients can find you and you can work magic with the people who need you most.

Feeling deeply connected to your personal power and working from your zone of true genius. A beautiful fusion of passion and calm.

Creating a true sense of abundance in your business and your life, so that ‘enough’ is never the goal again.


Right now the world needs more extraordinary women to step into their spotlight and claim their worth. Will you be one of them?

Is this your time? Let’s talk!


Just like you, I’m here to make a difference. I’m called to work with passion-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to create something extraordinary. I will bring everything I’ve got to the table, and I know you will too.

So, before we roll up our sleeves and get to work, I want to make sure this is truly the right program for you, and that I’m the right coach.

I want to hear about your business – what’s working and what’s not. I want to know what lights you up and what’s standing in your way.

You’ll get a better sense of what’s it’s like to work with me and whether the program feels like a fit. And I’ll help you get clear on your next best steps, whether we decide to work together or not. 

Bloom (v):

To come into full beauty, flourish, prosper and thrive.


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